Here is some of my stuff currently using the Newton physics engine.



Towers Marble Labyrinth

Tractor Beam
A 2D space arcade game using Newton physics.

Tower Cannons v0.1 (745kB)
Shoot each other off towers of blocks. With source code.

Water Window v0.1 (112kB)
Splash water around and over your windows. Create new windows and design your own waterfalls. Avoid work. — With source code.

Marble Labyrinth v0.2.2 (12 March '05) (1MB)
Roll around a maze. Now has tilting motion and sound as well as support for the AMS.

Marble Labyrinth source Code v0.2.2 (12 March '05) (1MB)
For your enlightenment.


Tutorial 1 (372kB)
A Cocoa version of the first Newton tutorial.

Tutorial 2 (428kB)
A Cocoa version of the second Newton tutorial.

ODE Tutorial 2 (76kB)
An ODE version of the second Newton tutorial. With these you can compare the two physics SDKs performance. — These two tutorials are mostly the same, and neither of these has been tuned or tweaked for the respective physics engine.

A main difference was that I was not able to get dynamic timeslicing on ODE working well so it uses a fixed timeslice. My first impressions are that for this example the ODE code is slower; however ODE does need a lot more tweaking. For example, Newton automatically sleeps bodies, and I haven't switched sleeping on for ODE. Finally after a while of running ODE crashes for me.