OGRE 3D for Mac OS X

OGRE is a fancy Object-Oriented Graphics rendering engine. With many fancy features. This page is an attempt to make OGRE work simply and easily for developers and users on Mac OS X.


In progress

December 18

November 18

November 17

November 14

Get it below.

October 29

October 28

October 26

September 1

July 20

May 29

May 13 —

Mar 28 —

Mar 26 —

Mar 15 —
Not enough time for everything I want to do. The source code is released in a bit of a rushed state here. You'll also need the IL framework with headers here.

Feb 11 —

Feb 6 —

The frameworks have been updated to include the latest Ogre compile, straight from cvs. I have also created a method of using NSViews, and a new demo program OgreNibDemo (10.9Mb) and source code (8Mb). (It's so big because it includes a lot of media) This demo show how to create and setup an Ogre program in a couple hundred lines of code. It uses Cocoa bindings and a nib for the interface.

Jan 22 — Updated beta frameworks.

Note I have changed the way OGRE is initalised and run so check the TestApp. Also it isn't yet finalised how it will all work, so don't get attached to the OS X glue.

Jan 20 — Released an early beta, frameworks and some demos.


Framework (7.2 Mb)
The Ogre universal framework compiled for you. OGRE version 1.2.4 (Dagon).

XML Converter (215 Kb)
The XML Converter compiled and with source code. Thanks to Mark Harviston for providing this.

OgreNibDemo project (2.6 Mb)
Example OGRE project demonstrating using a nib file and a NSView for an OGRE viewport.

OgreNibSubclassDemo project (1 Mb)
Example OGRE project demonstrating using a nib file and a subclass of OgreView to provide a mouse interface.

Old downloads — updated shortly

Source (6.5 Mb)
The source code and libraries needed to compile the above Ogre framework.

OgreTest project and app (1 Mb)
A simple and fairly minimal example of showing how to get OGRE up and running. To compile this you will need the framework.

Stonehenge (9 Mb)
Troglodit's excellent stonehenge demo

OGRE Screenshots