There has been plenty of interest in MISC, that warrant some quick comments.

– The source code is now available here: MISC source (about 3000 lines of Java code and 350 of MISC). Hopefully you’ll find it useful. It might also be interesting/confusing to look at the bootstrap file.
– The mathematical operators now accept multiple operands like [+ 2 3 4 5]
– Yes I like square brackets (Smalltalk, ObjC) it saves the shift key
– Quoting is required in lamda/let because there are no special forms in MISC. This means that it is possible to write lambda, let and if etc. without macros and also to have the results of an expression provide the arguments for these functions, eg. [let [union '[a:3] '[b:4]] '[+ a b]] which is not possible to write in this fashion in Lisp, because in Lisp let is a special form and does not evaluate it’s first argument.
– Creating new things and exploring ideas are always important, which is what MISC achieves for me.