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MISC is a homoiconic, non-strict, metadata rich, language that uses maps as its base data structure.

MISC attempts to combine the simplicity of the syntax and design of LISP, the lazy semantics of a language like Haskell, the fundamental data type of Lua and Javascript and a syntax similar to that of Smalltalk. MISC could be thought of as a lazily evaluated LISP where the fundamental data type of the language is a mapping.

The design and concept of MISC originated from three distinct ideas. Firstly to create an alternative data language to XML that provided a similar but consistent structure. Secondly to create a LISP like language using associative arrays or maps instead of lists. And thirdly to support rich metadata within the programming language, and to provide consistent access to it through reflection.

The main interesting aspects of the design are:

You can get the source code here: MISC source.