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Tailspin Javascript Interpreter

The Tailspin Javascript interpreter used to run the algorithms on this wiki is a fully reversible, standards-compliant, meta-circular Javascript interpreter. As well as running in the browser and allowing algorithms to be visualised, it can run code both forwards and backwards in time. It is written in continuation passing style, so that the interpretation can be paused and controlled by the user.

See Tailspin on GitHub.

ES5.1 Compliance

Tailspin currently passes 99% of the ECMAScript Language test262 test suite.


Tailspin is able to run in a reversible mode, where state changes are recorded so that they can be undone, as well as a non-revsersible mode which is slightly faster and more memory efficient.

In reversible mode almost all state changes can be undone. Some state changes such as Object.freeze() and Object.seal() are not reversible at the moment as Tailspin uses the browser's Javascript objects and the effect of these functions is permanent.

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