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 ====== Fibonacci ====== ====== Fibonacci ======
-The Fibonacci ​number ​or sequence is:+The Fibonacci ​numbers ​or sequence is:
 $0,​\;​1,​\;​1,​\;​2,​\;​3,​\;​5,​\;​8,​\;​13,​\;​21,​\;​34,​\;​55,​\;​89,​\;​144,​\;​ \ldots\;$ $0,​\;​1,​\;​1,​\;​2,​\;​3,​\;​5,​\;​8,​\;​13,​\;​21,​\;​34,​\;​55,​\;​89,​\;​144,​\;​ \ldots\;$
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 [algorithm fibonacci-doubling] [algorithm fibonacci-doubling]
-===== Math =====+===== Rounding ​=====
-Computation by rounding.+Computation by rounding, assuming constant time mathematical operators (which is true for basic Javascript maths) runs in $O(1)$ time. See http://​​wiki/​Fibonacci_number#​Computation_by_rounding for a more complete explanation.
-$F_n=\bigg[\frac{\varphi^n}{\sqrt 5}\bigg],\ n \geq 0.$+$F_n=\bigg[\frac{\phi^n}{\sqrt 5}\bigg]$
 [algorithm fibonacci-rounding] [algorithm fibonacci-rounding]
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