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 ====== Continuation passing style ====== ====== Continuation passing style ======
 +More commonly, functions return a value directly this is called direct style.
-[algorithm continuation passing style]+[algorithm continuation passing style-direct] 
 +Continuation passing style (CPS) is a style of programming where the control is passed directly as a continuation ​ function. A function written in CPS takes an extra argument which is an explicit continuation,​ a function which takes the return result as a single argument. 
 +[algorithm continuation passing style-continuation] 
 +This makes some things more explicit, such as returning values. Which allows for more control over how these aspects of programming function. A simple example of control over returning values is delaying the time at which the value is returned. 
 +[algorithm continuation passing style-delayed] 
 +Continuations are not just limited to a single return continuation. The Javascript interpreter that runs the code in these examples takes 6 different continuations. These handle control flow for things like breaking from for loops and exceptions.
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