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 +====== Bucket sort ======
 +Bucket sort, or bin sort, is a sorting algorithm that works by partitioning an array into a number of buckets. Each bucket is then sorted individually,​ either using a different sorting algorithm, or by recursively applying the bucket sorting algorithm. It is a distribution sort, and is a cousin of radix sort in the most to least significant digit flavour. Bucket sort is a generalization of pigeonhole sort. Bucket sort can be implemented with comparisons and therefore can also be considered a comparison sort algorithm. The computational complexity estimates involve the number of buckets.
 +Bucket sort works as follows:
 +  * Set up an array of initially empty "​buckets"​.
 +  * Scatter: Go over the original array, putting each object in its bucket.
 +  * Sort each non-empty bucket.
 +  * Gather: Visit the buckets in order and put all elements back into the original array.
 +[algorithm Bucket Sort]
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