Just a collection of things that have ended up on the web.


Algorithm Wiki
Interactive algorithm visualisations.

Javascript coding puzzles
Interactive Javascript programming problems.

Reversible Javascript in Javascript on GitHub.

A LISP-like, homoiconic, non-strict, metadata rich, language that uses maps as its base data structure. — With a nice applet and documentation.

An open-source text editor that retains the enitre history of edits. Allowing scrubbing through history like a movie. Recdit also has similar collaborative aspects to SubEthaEdit.

A real calculator
A very cool pen based calculator that works how you think and how you write. Magic paper.


Ogre3D Tutorial for Mac OS X
A quick tutorial about getting started with Ogre3D on Mac OS X.

Scripting with JavaScript in Cocoa
A tutorial on using JavaScript as a scripting language, using a turtle drawing program.

Coalescing undos in Cocoa
A subclass of NSUndoManager that coalesces skippable methods.

YAML in Cocoa
A parser for YAML written in ObjC and Cocoa.

Shape from shading PDF (2 MB)
“Using surface curvature and topological features from shape-from-shading to improve shape-from-stereo”

Drawing from Calculators PDF (21 MB)
PhD thesis describing two novel user interfaces and the underlying design principles.


MacSword Source Available
A Bible reading program, for Mac OS X.

An awesome vector drawing program written from scratch for Mac OS X in Cocoa. Professional features and a large manual in a download that would fit on a floppy disk.


Tractor Beam
A 2D space arcade game.

BitRacer Source Available
A fast paced futuristic racing game. Written for uDevGames 04.

SillyBalls Source Available
An 3D action/puzzle game for Mac OS 9.